How many words are there for ‘camel’ in Arabic? أسماء الإبل باللغة العربية

Does Arabic really have 1000 words for ‘camel’?

هل هناك 1000 كلمة بالعربية تعني الإبل؟

The widely propagated claim that Arabic has 1000 words to describe camels has bothered me for some time. Was it one of those slightly disparaging associations that Europeans tagged the Arabs with because of the endearment and pride that particularly nomadic Arabs held for camels? or was it simply and exaggeration; that Arabic, as you might expect has coined many words for what is in reality a significant historic part of Arab life? My findings are quite astonishing; a multitude of terminology specifying types of camels by their natural disposition, characters,tribal associations and the way in which they drink water!

Here are some examples I have found, there are many more which you can find through the sources at the bottom of the page

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